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iPhoneography Exhibition 2014

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The entries for iPhoneography 2014 opened a couple months ago and I was most excited to enter my favourite images once again.

I must say it was really difficult to choose images this time as I think I’ve taken some beautiful pics since last year. After a lot of uhming and ahing, I managed to narrow my favourites down to eight or so. And then it was the very hard task of selecting the few to submit.

Of the ones I did end up submitting, this is the pic that’s been selected for this year’s exhibition (entitled All Lined Up)! Excitement!

All Lined Up

I’m now wondering whether this would be the type of image that someone would want to buy at the exhibition? Do I want to put it up for sale and risk it not being sold? Do I not want to print it and keep it for myself? What do you think?

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Farm Feast for Singles

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pic 2

Yesterday I attended a lovely farm feast organised by Down To Earth for singles. Down to Earth was started by two ladies who wanted to create a special event for people to reconnect to and enjoy the food we eat, while at the same time realising the importance of the quality of produce. They have a lovely mobile kitchen in the form of a truck that allows them to create delicious menus based on what’s in season without being hampered by the venue. I have been on their mailing list for a long time and have always wanted to attend a feast. When I heard about this special feast for singles, I just knew it was a sign that I had to go!

The aim for this special event was to keep the number and gender of guests even, so the proviso in booking your seat was that you had to bring a single friend of the opposite sex along with you. I decided Hans would be my single friend and proceeded to twist his rubber arm into coming with me.

We arrived at the venue at 12h00 and found parking before traipsing down the path to where the tables were setup. The tables were positioned end to end but snaked along instead of being in one straight line. We kept mainly to ourselves in the beginning due to nerves and not knowing what to expect, but we loosened up after some wine and found people that Hans knew and started mingling.

pic 1

pic 3

pic 4

 The lunch was magnificent and totally worth the cost. We had some yummy canapes on arrival followed by a three course meal. Butternut soup for starters with homemade bread. Chicken casserole for mains with salad and sweet potato mash. And finally white chocolate cheesecake with caramelised pears for dessert. Craft beers and selected wines were available during the entire event and were part of the menu price we paid upon booking our spaces. Score!

pic 5

 I really had such an amazing afternoon. I loved spending time with Hans and getting to know some of the people we were seated with. I would definitely go to one of these again and invite all and sundry to join me! Big thanks to Hans for letting me use some of his pics.

This was one of the things added to my list to do this year. See what else I’ve got up to or what I plan to get up to over here!

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Hump Day Happiness

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I headed to Sir James van der Merwe on a Wednesday a couple weeks ago to celebrate the end of one job and the start of another. I had heard so much about this bar located in Kramerville that it seemed the perfect spot to celebrate.

I gathered together a few friends and we met up at Sir James after work. The bar is situated below Katy’s Palace Bar and has the same eclectic style and furnishings – tables with mismatched chairs, old benches, there is even an old-school motorcycle displayed on one of the walls. Wednesday nights are their “open nights” where they have a cash bar and a select menu available. Not being someone to go out for a night on the town on a school night, I was taken aback by the amount of people that were there. It wasn’t after payday. It wasn’t a special kind of day. Yet there were so many patrons which allowed me to indulge in my favourite sport of People Watching.

I left around 9pm and was utterly gobsmacked to see some people getting onto the bar to dance. I never expected such a party to take place on a school night! I’ll definitely be going back every now and then for some after work drinks and snacks.




This was one of the things added to my list to do this year. See what else I’ve got up to or what I plan to get up to over here!

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Zip-Lining Adventures

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Last weekend I was able to tick off another item on my now infamous list… I went zip-lining in the Magoebaskloof mountains while on a weekend away and it was an absolute adventure.

Hans, Robyn and I were super excited to take part in this canopy tour, to get harnessed up and enjoy the views and the adrenalin rush during this 2 hour tour.

We were taken to the very official looking briefing area along with three other adventure-seekers to be introduced to our guides and given the low-down on how long the tour would take, what equipment we’d be given, how to handle ourselves during each zip-line section, etc. Once the briefing was finished we were kitted up. I managed to get a very enthusiastic guide that, while tightening and securing the harness over my torso, lost his grip and connected his fist to my left cheek bone. It was hard enough for me to see stars but luckily soft enough that there was no swelling or a black eye later.

Once we were all kitted out and harnessed up (which added what felt like another 20kgs!) we walked down what seemed like a million steep steps to the first zip-line point. By the time we got here my legs were shaking from the extra weight and the nervous excitement of the adventure to come.

The canopy tour seemed to be over in a flash even though we passed through thirteen platforms. But I suppose time flies when you’re having fun!

Since what goes down must come up, we had to trek up another million steps from the last zip-line platform to the same level as the main reception building. Going down the steps was a lot easier than going up! It took all the remaining adrenalin energy to keep me putting one foot in front of the other! It was so hectic that I had stiff calf and thigh muscles for THREE days after the adventure. But I would totally do it all over again, and since we each got a “frequent flyer” card that allows us a discount on our next tour, I plan to do another zip-lining adventure at the Magaliesberg Canopy Tour and rope in Hans and Robyn.

canopy 1

canopy 2

canopy 3

canopy 4

This was one of the things on my list to do this year. See what else I’ve got up to or what I plan to get up to over here!

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Road Tripping to Polokwane

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This past weekend I went road tripping to Polokwane with a few friends to visit another friend who recently moved there. It was a lovely weekend. Everything I didn’t know I wanted and needed!

Hans, Robyn, Simon and I headed out early on Friday afternoon and Hans insisted on a selfie of the four of us before the start of our holiday. :)


The drive was uneventful other than a little bit of traffic as we hit Polokwane. As we were going to arrive in the early evening we decided to meet Kirsty and her boyfriend Dave at the cottage we’d booked for the weekend rather than delay our arrival with meeting them at their place first. Our 6 sleeper, self-catering cottage was at Stanford Lake Lodge, situated a little outside Polokwane. It was so peaceful and had the most amazing view of the dam that I would definitely go back!

Since we were all a little lazy that Friday evening, and we’d all brought so much food, we decided that dinner would be a selection of snacks – biltong, crackers, cheese, chips, cold meats, and cream cheese followed by my homemade brownies and a delectable milk tart ice-cream that Kirsty found. The relaxed atmosphere had us chatting and eating and drinking until all hours of the morning. We also dragged a few blankets outside to lie under the stars and take in the beauty of night sky.

Saturday started with a short walk in our pyjamas to view the lake, get some fresh air, and take some pics. We then had a lazy breakfast before getting ready to start our day’s adventures.




We all piled into one car and headed to the Canopy Tour in the Magoebaskloof mountains. I roped Robyn and Hans into doing the canopy tour with me since it was one of my items to-do this year. The others went off on an adventure of their own while the three of us enjoyed two hours of adrenalin, views, heights, and fun. (More on this here.)


After our adventure we all came back together and headed to Kings Walden. What a breathtaking place! The gardens are magnificent and speak of a time when you would throw huge garden parties for your friends and family and dance the night away. They speak of love and romance. They speak of believing in secret gardens and discovering hidden treasures.



If the gardens weren’t enough, the property has the most amazing view too. The main feature, which is just too beautiful for words, is an enormous blue gum tree that was struck by lightning many years ago and now stands white and dramatic against the rolling hills. I would probably give all my sexy shoes to own such a romantic, gorgeous place like this!


We headed back to the cottage after taking in the sunset and had a delicious braai. We were all quite exhausted from the late night the evening before and the day’s adventures so we didn’t stay up too late. Even though we could barely keep our eyes open, Robyn and I still made sure to lie under the stars again – enjoying the sight of the Milky Way, counting shooting stars and chatting about everything and anything.

A beautiful morning greeted us on Sunday! Again we went out in our pyjamas to take in the sunrise over the lake. How gorgeous is this view? I just love the reflection of the trees in the lake’s surface and the way the rays of sunlight reach out to caress everything.


It was a little chillier than Saturday morning so we headed back to our cottage to enjoy the view from the patio bundled under blankets with cups of steaming coffee in our hands.


We decided to have a lazy, hearty brunch at the cottage and use up some more of the food we’d packed instead of rushing to get ready and pack and then have lunch on the road. It was the best decision! While Kirsty cooked us a delicious breakfast, Hans, Dave and I  took a little stroll down to the edge of the lake. By the time we came back, food was ready to go and we just needed to set the table.

Brunch was relaxed and we tried to eat as much as possible and not waste the deliciousness. We even went so far as to have dessert afterwards which consisted of mini pancakes with cinnamon and sugar, jelly and custard cups, chocolate mousse cups, and slabs of chocolate.

After eating we started to pack. We went through the kitchen and decided what we’d take back with us and what we’d leave for the cleaning lady. We then packed our bags and double checked each room to make sure nothing was left behind. And then we packed the cars and gave our last hugs and kisses goodbye.

One thing I realised while lying under the stars is that it is important to take time out on the weekend. I’m not talking about lying on the couch reading a book or watching series, although that can be a holiday in itself. I’m talking about driving a little way out of town and taking a short holiday. It’s amazing how the relaxation hits you as soon as the city is behind you. It’s amazing to be able to drive a few hours and be surrounded my fresh air, starry skies and nature. I need to remember to plan to get away. I need to remember to make time for myself.

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A Bookworm’s Paradise

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I finally got to visit the Collector’s Treasury in Braamfontein where the books are stacked from floor to ceiling over 5 (yes FIVE) stories. I was amazed to find that they don’t just hold books, they also have a host of vinyl records and antique items (old cameras, old binoculars, tea sets, bone-handled cutlery, paintings, old smoking pipes, etc). Your gaze is captured every which way you look and you have to look at least twice because you just aren’t able to take it all in at one glance.

photo 2

I was only there for an hour (although it felt like a few minutes) and only managed to browse through two floors. There were a few times where I had to orientate myself because it’s easy to get lost in all the little nooks and corners. Considering the store is said to be the largest used book store in the southern hemisphere, you can imagine the piles of books becoming a maze of happiness for any book lover.

At first there doesn’t seem to be any order to the books. They are just placed on top of each other in teetering piles where any sudden movements could cause the piles to avalanche. But as you explore deeper you see that there is some order in the chaos. Many of the books have been categorised into sections relating to art, religion, fiction, cooking, gardening, first editions, classics, etc. But for the most part there are just piles and piles of books.

photo 1

I came across this first edition story book. Imagine my surprise when I opened the book to find it was published in 1911, had the most beautiful illustrations, and was priced at R6,000.00.

photo 3

I happened to pick up a random book, and since I tried to keep my hands to myself so I didn’t end up with piles of books to buy, you’ll find what happened pretty intriguing. It was a random book. With a boring cover. (Yes I judge books by their covers.) With a title that really didn’t sound enthralling. I opened it up to the first page and found a name written in 1916. A “J McDonald”. If the other initials are A and E, then I have the same initials as whoever this McDonald was. Weird huh.photo 4

This was one of the things on my list to do this year. See what else I’ve got up to or what I plan to get up to over here!

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Coffee & Chocolate Expo

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The Coffee and Chocolate Expo is back at Montecasino for the second time and is said to be a WHOLE lot better than it was last year. I was invited to the opening yesterday afternoon/evening and my sweet-tooth I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

The expo is being held in four marquees setup at Monte’s outdoor event area. Each marquee is an adventure in discovering which companies have stalls, and all that is on offer. Don’t let the title of coffee and chocolate fool you, there is so much more than just coffee and chocolate (though there is a lot of that too). There is fudge, toffee, crepes, burritos, pancakes, Body Shop goodies, beer, ice-cream, and a whole lot more!

I absolutely adored this old-school Ford that had been turned into a mobile coffee shop.


I then found the most amazing pancake stall called Choco Kebab. It’s an idea originating from Italy where there is this giant kebab of solid chocolate. The pancake is layered with Nutella, then whipped cream, then shavings from the chocolate kebab, then nuts and fruit, and finally topped with some more chocolate and a sprinkling of icing sugar. It was a little difficult to eat, but totally worth all the chocolate that ended up on my face.

photo 3

photo 1

Another fabulous discovery was that of chocolate moulded into high heels! This is one chocolate I don’t think I could ever eat…

photo 2

If you are planning on heading to the expo this weekend, be sure to check out the following stalls… Tasha’s Fudge where six different flavours of fudge are on offer with a great deal of buy 5 and get the 6th one free. Le Pain de Vie which has the most delicious pizza (both savoury and sweet). Chocolaj for their delicious cupcakes and macaroons. Gayleen’s Decadence which boasts healthy chocolate free from all dairy, sugar, preservatives etc and sweetened only with raw honey.

My sweet tooth is really happy with the amount of goodies I bought. Now the hard part will be rationing these out over the next few days…


For more information on event times, ticket prices, etc, head over here.

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Driving with Joy

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Remember this post where I found out I had an incorrect restriction on my drivers license and then wrote to the papers because it seemed like my last option? Well a month and a half after the letter was published my drivers license woes are no more, and it’s all thanks to Estrelita the manager of the testing station!

She has been a life-saver in all of this! Many phone calls back and forth. Emails back and forth. And a lot of admin on her side. But it’s finally sorted!

She had to start with tracking down a copy of my driving test to prove that I did it in a manual car but with glasses/contact lenses. This proved quite tricky as apparently the hardcopy records are destroyed a few years afterwards so she had to sift through the softcopy records on the database. (Thank goodness for this database!) She finally found the correct records and had to get these through to the Transport Department along with a copy of my ID which I had to fax through. A week or so later she called to say everything was sorted and I could go and get my license renewed again.

I went through to my closest licensing department in Randburg this Monday and sat in the queue for 2 hours before the electricity went off and I gave up. I went back again on Tuesday and decided to speak to the operations manager before joining the queue. He was most unhelpful telling me that the restriction hadn’t been changed on the system. I tried to explain to him who I had spoken to, what the process had been, etc but he just wouldn’t listen. He just told me to go to Roodepoort where I did my license as they would be the only ones that could help me. So I got in my car and drove the 30 minutes to Roodepoort.

And oh my, Roodepoort was amazing! I was in and out in 5 minutes without having to wait in a single queue. The team there were so helpful in ensuring the error had been changed that I wanted to hug them all.

It’s all sorted. A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Today I drove through to the Florida Testing Station to meet Estrelita in person and to give her a little something to say thank you. It was the least I could do after she helped me so much.


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