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If you were following our #ChooChoo yesterday on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll know that the most amazing adventure was had! I had heard about this day train trip to Cullinan back in January, and since then I had been thinking and planning and deciding when it would take place and who I would invite. I settled on 2 March and everything else fell into place…

A small bunch of friends were invited and we each bought our train ticket through Computicket. I arranged with the train company that we all sit together considering we ended up being quite a large group (10 people in total) and we all met up at in Pretoria by 7:30am. Thank goodness there was a coffee station setup where we could buy some hot drinks as the rainy weather and lack of sleep after the Eminem concert required a large, strong cup of coffee.

The steam train was supposed to depart around 8am but due to some unforeseen issues, we eventually departed around 9:30am. The delay wasn’t a problem in the least as we busied ourselves taking photos, chatting and generally catching up with each other.



The time came for us to board and we found our seats in the second carriage easily. We bunched together in one row chatting, sharing snacks, and generally just having a fabulous time together. The trip to Cullinan was estimated at taking 2.5-3 hours and after a few other delays due to using Metrorail tracks, stopping at a station for a fresh air break, and other stops along the way, we arrived in Cullinan just after midday.


We headed directly to Harrie’s Pancakes as I had made a lunch reservation for noon and we were already late because of all the delays, plus we were terribly hungry! I am so glad I made  a reservation as there was a queue of people by the time we were seated.

After lunch we took a stroll through Cullinan which was just what we needed after gorging ourselves on savoury and sweet pancakes. We headed down the road and browsed through a few of the shops. From what it looked like, each shop used to be an old house as there were many little rooms in each one. The one shop that really piqued my interest was called Rust in White. It was basically somewhere you could find all sorts of “junk” that had been repurposed or that you could give a new breath of life to. There were spades painted pink, chandeliers made out of steel mugs, chairs and tables made out of old dog baths, wooden crates filled with glass bottles, a selection of old sewing machines in black, pink and cream… I could have spent an age there looking at everything. I also looked around a wedding venue with the most eclectic decor – steel bowls and cups built into the walls, a bath as a fountain. I wish I had taken photos but my eyes were just trying to take it all in!


We then started heading back towards the train as we were set to depart at 3:30pm. On the way we stopped past the Cullinan hole. It was quite an anticlimax as I expected to have the viewing point a lot closer to the hole than where it has been setup. So we didn’t get to see the hole as much as we would have wanted and had to resort to looking at the signboard nearby to see how big it actually was.

The trip home was a lot quicker than our journey to Cullinan, not only because there were fewer delays and most of us napped, but also because the excitement and expectation had waned which is always the case. We got back to the station around 6pm and I took the time to explore some of the old carriages. It was awesome to be able to stand in a carriage that was filled with dust after being retired.



I was also really pleased that we left just as a beautiful sunset came over some of the old carriages. It was the perfect ending to an amazing day out with some good friends.



If you are wanting to have a memorable experience on a train, I would seriously suggest you get in touch with Friends of the Rail. You can buy your ticket from them directly or through Computicket.

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5 Weeks of Yoga

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My yoga journey started in January this year with a five week beginners course which finished up yesterday. I can’t believe how quickly the past five weeks have passed by! I can’t see any results with my body yet but I know that the classes have been amazing at quietening my mind and teaching me to be more in the moment.

I would never have thought that the course would culminate in us doing headstands, but that’s what we did yesterday (and started doing last week). I can proudly say that I managed to do a headstand without assistance and held it for quite a few seconds.


Besides the fact that the last time I did any handstands or headstands was when I was much younger, I also don’t have that much upper body strength so this was quite a feat because it uses all your arm muscles as well as your shoulders, legs and stomach muscles to keep the pose steady.

I’m hoping with a bit of practice I will be able to try this pose which I have named the “koeksuster” based on how her legs look. :)


*Credit image 1
*Credit image 2

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Instagram Friday

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Instagram Friday

1. Spotted heels & dark red pants
2. Sunset from 3 Desmond Street
3. My life was changed this morning when I had a waffle with melted marshmallows and maple syrup
4. Sandton skyline
5. Cuddle time with my youngest niece Emma
6. Rocking red today

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Time to play

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We do not stop playing because we grow old.

We grow old because we stop playing.

This is the year that I rediscover myself and spend more quality time with friends and family. This is the year that I will do, see and experience new things. This is the year that I start living a life with no regrets and see more of what my city has to offer.

Every “Joburger” has their favourite thing to do or place to visit. Whether it is a trip to Arts on Main on a Sunday (or the night market every first Thursday), or a little-known gem of a tea garden for tea and cakes on a weekend afternoon. This is where I ask for your help in getting me out and about and trying new things.

On my list so far:
- A visit to the book store in Braamfontein where books are stacked floor to ceiling on several levels
- Zip-lining in the Magaliesberg
- A day’s train trip
- Go-karting
- Bingo at Beefcakes

So help! Share your favourite adventures and your not-to-be missed spots.

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Instagram Friday

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Instagram Friday

1. Let’s sail away…

2. Chasing shadows

3. Rocking my Zimbabwe necklace today.

4. Rocking my new chiffon top today.

5. Happiness is found when I look down at my colourful shoes

6. My fearless niece chose the tallest slide in the park.

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instant gratification 1

I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day. I know that it takes many little steps in the right direction to get you where you want to be. The problem is that when it comes to things that affect me, I want results immediately! I want to take two baby steps and have everything suddenly be perfect. I want to click my fingers and have my life’s problems be worked out with no further bumps or hiccups.

I know this isn’t something new to me. I know I’ve had to deal with it in other ways before. Like my desire to get fit and toned. I can easily commit to doing exercise or going for a run, but when the results don’t show after the first few sessions I give up. I realise that getting fitter and more toned requires more than a few jogs around the block or trips to the gym. I just get disheartened very quickly and no amount of cheerleading or pushing from others can urge me into those workout clothes. I have realised that the way around this and keeping me at something for an extended period of time is to ensure I workout with a buddy, because knowing I’d be standing up a friend if I didn’t go to the gym would guilt me into it.

The only way around this particular issue is to take it a day at a time, little step by little step. As long as I am progressing; moving forward; sorting through my feelings; learning to be happy with where I am, who I am, what I’ve done; then I know I’ll eventually get where I want to be. For now, I’ll just remember that:

instant gratification 2

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I was invited to a fabulous evening at Gold Reef City Casino Hotel yesterday to shine a spotlight on their Roulette Masters competition which is currently running.

I checked into my room and spotted a fabulous gift of some gambling chips as well as roulette drinking game. (Need to arrange a party soon to christen this little baby.)

The theme for the evening was black and red which was appropriate given the colours of a roulette wheel.

I made my way to Back o’ the Moon which is where our dinner was being hosted. I met up with a few other “names” from Twitter like Dave, Heidi, Shaun and Shelley. We ordered a drink or two, attacked the bread basket, and waited for the formalities to start.

We were greeted by a fabulous MC who then passed us over to a roulette master or at least a gent who knew a thing or two about roulette. He explained the idea behind the game, how to bet to win big, etc. We were then told that we would be split into groups according to what number was written on our sparkly wristbands. I was in the first group to go through to the roulette table and I was quite excited. Gambling is so much fun when you’re not playing with your own money.

As we approached the table each of the five of us took a seat and saw a pile of chips in front of us. We then had a minute to place our bets before the ball was thrown for the first round.

So I took one pile of chips and spread them across the table. I ended up winning some of my chips back from the first round. SCORE! On the second round I did more or less the same with my second pile of chips. And again I ended up winning! On the third and last round we had to put all our chips on the table, so again I spread my chips around trying to hedge my bets. Well I won again!

My winnings put me at second place on the leaderboard and we then joined the other guests back at the restaurant.

We enjoyed a wonderful three course dinner during the evening. The company was fabulous. The entertainment (of burlesque dancers) was really enjoyable. The food was delicious. And the wine went a little to my head.

The time of the evening came when each guest had played their hand at the game and the leaderboard was finalised. The first twenty winners were each given a prize ranging from a meal voucher, a gift card voucher, or a night’s stay.

I didn’t think that I had managed to keep a place on the leaderboard considering I had only won a total of R990.00. BUT! I ended up coming 9th overall! Lucky for me I won a gift card voucher to Montecasino allowing me to treat myself to a small shopping spree. I was over the moon!


If you’re wanting to try your hand at roulette, why not participate in Tsogo Sun’s group-wide tournament which runs until 14 March ending with a grand final on 29 March. It will only cost you R100 per entry to buy into the tournament. After buying in, you will receive chips and must play every spin of the three rounds. Your remaining chips at the end of the last round will be totalled and scores will then be entered onto the leaderboard. You can enter as often as you like! At the end of the qualifying rounds, the players with the highest score from one buy-in will qualify for a seat in the finals, and the next 20 players will play for one of six seats in the finals. Once the finals have been held in each casino, the grand finals (of 36 players) will be held at Gold Reef City Casino. Sounds like fun, right?!

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